Stories, Stories Everywhere!

I was 20 when I was literally thrust into the world of storytelling. The incumbent was leaving and since no-one else was volunteering, my boss went for the ‘last in, you’re it’ delegation method!

Where do I start? This was my instant, panic stricken thought, at the idea of having to present pre-school storytelling sessions twice a week in a library setting. I had no resources, no experience with small children and no chance of getting out of it!

What I discovered was a passion for storytelling, theatrics and really loud ( and bad ) singing. I love watching little faces captivated by puppets, laughing at limericks and books, helping to put feltboard pieces up and then chasing them when they blow away.

Since that first frightening time, I have collected and collated many resource folders ranging from rhymes, songs, feltboards, craft templates and storytelling themes that have supported me, my colleagues, university students and community groups over the last twenty years.

Over the years, I have perfected storytimes for babies 0-12 months, toddlers 1-3 and groups with a variety of ages. I have told stories to 1 child, 30 children and family groups over 100 ( always fun ).   

I am a firm believer in sharing, particularly with those just starting out – I remember the fear of having nothing to fall back on and wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Every storyteller should be comfortable, unafraid and ready to have as much fun as they hope the children will.




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