I’m Going Mad but I love It!

As the title suggests, I’m rapidly going mad! Trying desperately to get a handle on all this social media stuff, trying to make sure that my blog, my website, my social media thingies are all up and running, flowing along, saying ( and doing ) what they are supposed to. I’m reading stuff on how to improve my blogging, my twittering, my linking in and my website – most of which is too technical so I can’t understand a word of it.

The upside is that I am making heaps of friends – such a lovely idea and I feel like a guru with all my followers! This is very cool, if very confusing but I am happily stumbling through it all in a daze of fuzzy feel good vibes on a sea of support and good wishes.

Thanks everyone, you have each made a difference to my world 🙂 


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