Help! I’m a Writer Not a Marketer!

I keep crying out to anyone who might be interested in listening that I am a writer, not a marketer! It is, of course,  a total untruth these days with so much competition and a fiction that I use to hide from the world when it gets too scary. To use the very apt children’s taunt, I am a ‘liar, liar, pants on fire’! I have discovered to both my dismay and my horror that if I wish to actually sell my books, stand a chance of promoting my services and talents or even if I just want people to know I exist, I have to master the art of marketing.

In my last blog, I was moaning about social media – I’m also sensing an emotional theme that needs to be fixed immediately – maybe after this post!

I really need to get a handle on this stuff, I need to get out ‘there’ – wherever there is – and market myself. Great! Except that I still really haven’t figured out how. I have joined a heap of social media and online groups, blogs, websites … the list goes on. Now I spend hours each day going through the responses and answering, thanking and responding to posts that others have sent. Hmmm… still not known yet but busier – not writing of course, because I’m now a marketer.  Actually, it still feels pretty cool having so many friends with the same issues that I’m having but don’t tell anyone I said so!

I was silly enough to complain to my husband about my situation who immediately fired off a page full of ideas just off the top of his head. Really, no one like a smarty pants! All the things I could do to market myself in my immediate physical environment, that would lead to bigger and better things in the future. Wow! It seems so easy. When I suggested that he take over as my marketer-come-manager, he hasn’t the time. He works full time and ‘I should  be doing it myself anyway because I have to learn and he’s too busy’! Hey, I work full time too and I am at the disadvantage that I don’t what to do!! Did he not get that part? He’s a teacher and he’s focused on the whole ‘teach them and they can do it themselves rather than do it for them and then they can’t’ thing, which doesn’t help me much because he really would be better at it.

So, after a month I have joined many groups, I write a heap of emails and posts everyday – even my blog which is fun but doesn’t seem to help with the original problem – I understand a little more of what is required so I know that there’s no way I can do it -I promise this is the last one of those – and I still haven’t written anything towards the next book.

So, am I a marketer or a writer? The answer has to be… BOTH. Perhaps the real issue is time management? Arrrh, no more issues!


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