Writing Contest in Honour of Grandparent’s Day

Writing Contest in Honour of Grandparent’s Day
Posted by Alayne Kay Christian
Children’s Author & Life Coach – Writer’s Whole Life Perspective

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This year, in the US, National Grandparent’s Day falls on Sunday, September 8. Because I am a long-distance grandparent, and my picture book “Butterfly Kisses for Grandma and Grandpa” is about a little girl with long-distance grandparents. I have decided to make the long-distance grandchild/grandparent relationship the focus of this writing contest. I know, could I repeat “long-distance” one more time

Note from Helen : I like short, snappy picture books that can be read to a variety of age groups in both large and small groups. This is what I was aiming to achieve from my story, so….This is my humble effort for the competition:

I HATE Grandparent’s Day!

I HATE Grandparent’s Day!
My grandparents live so far away,
That they can never come,
I think Grandparent’s Day is DUMB!

I HATE Grandparent’s Day!
Because they’re so far away,
They can’t come just to play,
Who wants them on Grandparent’s Day, anyway?

I HATE Grandparent’s Day!
To travel here takes a whole day,
So that’s why they stay at home,
And why I have Grandparent’s Day all alone

I HATE Grandparent’s Day!
But wait! Who’s that? Shouting HOORAY!
It’s Grandma and Grandpa, they’re at school today,
I LOVE Grandparent’s Day!

Helen Velikans


7 thoughts on “Writing Contest in Honour of Grandparent’s Day

  1. Kristina (Senese) Johnson says:

    Helen! I love your rhyming snappy picture book and title that grabs attention. I could so see this book with illustrations as well! I love the element of unexpectedness to it at the end as I believe young kids will too! I believe you captured that fun quirky young kid spirit in your book as well to captivate young readers. Best of luck, I look forward to seeing your book in its entirety.

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