Whether I’m writing, reading or sharing stories, I sooooo hope it never ends!

Hi again, I’m back. It has been a while since …. OK, it’s been a very long while since I wrote anything.
I have been frustratingly engaged in delving into the world that is me – and by that I mean I have been putting together an updated resume, time mapping my working history plus past and current working life.
I thought this would be a good exercise to put everything into some kind of order – according to my husband, order is good! I have written lengthy lists ( again I hear these are good things ) of tasks and activities, toyed with professional and some less professional and definitely more funny names for those tasks and activities and even categorized them alphabetically – I am a librarian after all.
It’s actually been quite interesting and an eye opener into the bargain.
First, I am suitably impressed by how much I know! OK it takes until lunchtime to kick in but once it does, I rock apparently!
Second, I love it. I do story-times with babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. I give guided tours around a workplace that I enjoy being in with primary school kids and generally find that each and every session is a blast. I meet and work with a huge variety of people from a range of backgrounds, age groups and fields of interest.
Third, I love it. I know that I said that already but I feel it needs to be said again.
The exercise definitely gave me some perspective as well with regards to my writing. I knew that I enjoyed it but I now have a better understanding of the need to do it. I have so many stories in my head that I can ‘see’ so clearly. I can easily picture how they should be presented to a group or cozily shared by two. I wake up at odd hours, write outlines or even whole stories and then flesh them out at a later date when the pictures start to appear in my mind as well. I’ve been told that I shouldn’t see or try to see specific pictures if I don’t illustrate myself but I can’t help it, it’s an integral part of the process for me, the level of intimacy that I have with the story and the characters.
It’s also why I wrote practical guides for newbies starting out in the field ( what can I say, I share ) but I love it all so much that I want to share that with others. I remember how scary it all was at first and how far I have come since. I remember when a group of two scared me yet now a group of 50 makes me feel like an extra for the Wiggles! And still loving it.
I recently performed the 3 Little Pigs for a large group of combined kinder’s and Year 1’s. We built imaginary houses, stamped our feet and howled our pain as our tails were burned. It was amazing!
Whether I’m writing, reading or sharing stories, I sooooo hope it never ends!


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