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‘Merry Christmas’! The box Mum was holding was bare, no brightly coloured paper, no ribbons, no bows, not even a card. Just a plain cardboard box.
That moved!
And my life was about to change forever.


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When Tommy tells Emma that he’s going on a secret trip for the weekend, she wonders what he’s up to.
Tommy’s always in trouble!
Can Emma stop him or will Mr Trouble strike again!


'What'! Screeched Stacey by [Velikans, Helen]

Stacey stood watching as Dad and her brothers tied a long metal ladder and wooden planks to the top of the truck.
She didn’t know what was going on but no way was she missing out!
‘I’m sorry’, said Dad, laughing and patting the top of her head, ‘but girls can’t do this’.
Frowning, Stacey couldn’t think of ANYTHING that girls couldn’t do. Not a single thing!
And she could wait to find out.  ( Short Story – Kindle e-Book )